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Oct. 28 2021

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28 Oct. 2021

To be announced soon

The full program will be announced in October. Check out the first names for the line-up. The Best Social Conference has a main stage and breakout sessions spread across three curated tracks: innovation, creativity, and impact. You can attend 30-minute keynotes, fireside chats, or panel discussions, as well as more in-depth and intimate formats, such as workshops. The sessions are hosted by a moderator and include a Q&A moment. There is also a virtual networking feature and interactive formats during the event so you can connect to new people and businesses. Suggestions, questions, or other ideas? Please use the contact button!


The Best Social Conference

28 Oct. 2021

Our team is busy curating speakers from across the world. From publishers, brands, and strategists to creators, artists, influencers, and social pioneers - and everything in between. Below are the confirmed speakers:

  • Adam Stones

    Communications strategist and writer. Author of ‘Influence’

    Adam Stones is an award-winning communications adviser and writer, committed to helping people and brands to make a positive impact. He set up his communications business A’DAM to do just that. And his new book ‘Influence: Powerful Communications, Positive Change’ provides a playbook for entrepreneurs, changemakers and communicators, ensuring anyone can build the essential skills required to lead positive change. Prior to moving to Amsterdam in 2016, Adam worked for two of London’s leading communications agencies. And before that, he was a journalist for UK national newspapers and magazines. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society of the Arts.
  • Anne Koning

    Managing Director at Granny Amsterdam

    Anne Koning is the Managing Director of Granny Amsterdam, advancing the company’s social, creative and campaign teams as the agency continues to evolve internationally. Before Granny, Anne spent 6 years in the Global Brand and Creative Marketing team at Netflix, including leading editorial and social and new series launches for Northern Europe. Anne started in the first social media agencies in Amsterdam, discovering her passion for TV and then spent 10+ years of her career in the TV Studio and social marketing business at SBS, Endemol and Viacom before joining Netflix. Over her career she has been honored with a few marketing awards including Best Brand on Social Media and a Bronze Lion for interactive campaign.
  • Beryl Shereshewsky

    Producer, writer and videographer

    Beryl Shereshewsky is a producer, writer and videographer living in New York City. She has been in the film and media industry for the past 10 years and in that time has worked across various mediums including hard news, documentary film and advertising. In October 2020 she launched her YouTube channel which reached 100,000 subscribers in under 3 months and today has around 400,000. Her channel uses food and storytelling to craft a narrative of togetherness in a world divided.
  • Cathelijne Blok

    DISCO feminist and art historian. Founder of The TittyMag

    Creative and journalist Cathelijne Blok was in search of her own interpretation of the concept of feminism while writing her Master's thesis Art History. This quest has resulted in the online & offline feminist art platform + agency "TheTittyMag". Together with the Tittymag team, she wants to creatively create a safe dialogue around inclusivity, empowerment and feminism to inspire and connect people through art.
  • Dora Osinde

    Chief Creative Officer at Granny

    Pop culture expert Dora Osinde is Chief Creative Officer at Granny, a creative agency for the entertainment industry. At the Berlin headquarter, she develops major campaigns for global players like Netflix, Facebook or Spotify. Moreover, thanks to her creative talent, she has recently joined the Art Directors Club Germany. Dora’s secret: Always think social first. Prior, she worked as a Global Marketing Manager for Netflix and held various social media marketing positions at Asos or Zalando. With Granny, she follows the vision to turn brands into icons of pop culture.
  • Felipe Simi

    Activist and Founder of SOKO

    Felipe is a gay activist and one of the 5 most admired agency leaders by advertisers in Brazil. He was a member of the Cannes Lions jury in 2019 and The One Show in 2021 and named by Wired Magazine as one of the 50 most creative people in 2020. He’s founder of SOKO, an earned media agency that is building creative work awarded by Cannes Lions, The One Show, Clio and Fast Company.
  • George Gorg

    Fashion Content Creator, Model and Brand Manager

    When George learned how to embrace their identity, they opened up their world and allowed themself to plant seeds that grew into fruition and brought to life changes that gave the fashion industry a breath of fresh air. When they were 15, they were scouted and categorized as a male model, which, in itself, limited their potential. Until at 18, they stood up to their bookers and walked their first female fashion show at the London Fashion Week. With their newfound freedom, they began creating fashion content that tells a story and has the goal of inspiring self-acceptance in others.
  • Gustavo Nogueira

    Temporalist Researcher and Founder at Torus Time Lab

    Gustavo Nogueira is a researcher for temporalities that allow new world narratives and habits of existence for the next era; and develops projects and practices to collectively address the social, ecological, and technological urgencies of the next hour. He is the founder of Torus Time Lab, an initiative that questions the current relationship that we have with time and invites for temporal experiments through decolonial practices that connect art, science and spirituality. Brazilian from the Amazon rainforest region lives in Amsterdam since 2017 where he is also a member of the Time Machine Organization. Already conducted learning projects with leading companies and leading publishers in Latin America - such as Globo, Google, Netflix, Nubank, Santander, Spotify- addressing topics like the spirit of time, change, ancestry, futures, speculative design and decoloniality.
  • Jasper Schilder

    Chief Editor and Creative at The Best Social Media

    Jasper is the Chief Editor of The Best Social Media, where he is responsible for the daily coverage, content and community management on the platform. In the past years Jasper has dealt with both building the community and tone of voice of The Best Social Media, as curating the community management of countless (award winning) brands in The Netherlands. As a fan of internet culture and social interactivity, Jasper believes that a dedicated community is one of the biggest strengths of a brand online.
  • Matt Klein

    Cultural theorist, consultant and writer

    Matt Klein is a cultural theorist, consultant and writer whose work focuses on the psychosocial implications of technology on human behavior. Working alongside brands including Facebook, Columbia and MetLife, as well as TV producers, VC, non-profits and government agencies, Klein has become a trusted source in identifying cultural change and developing future-proofing business strategies. As a writer for Forbes, he covers trends in online behavior, and his cultural observations can be found in The New York Times, WSJ, The Atlantic, TechCrunch, CNBC, Virgin and Adweek.
  • Pablo Rochat

    Artist and Creative Director

    Pablo Rochat is an Artist and Creative Director living and working in Atlanta, GA. His work focuses on entertaining people through humor while inspiring them with new ideas and fresh perspectives on daily life. Pablo’s creative projects and social content have garnered partnerships with brands like Apple, Nike, Balenciaga, New York Times, Netflix, Postmates, and many more.
  • Rico de Lange

    Executive Creative Director at Boomerang Agency

    Rico de Lange is a multidisciplinary creative with a track record of working for over 16 years within the creative industry. He started as a Designer and Art Director for a below-the-line agency, working for a lot of automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz. In 2015 he started working for Boomerang Agency as an Art Director, with clients like Heineken Netherlands, Desperados, Samsung and KLM. As the agency grew, Rico moved along towards the role of Executive Creative Director at the moment. From this position he is responsible for all creative output of the agency, as for the people in the Creative Department, working closely together with his team of Creative Directors. Next to that, Rico is still ‘hands on’, loves to create cool stuff and make it come to life. Currently as a Global ECD for Heineken International and Birra Moretti.

  • Roos van 't Hof

    Community manager and Creative at The Best Social

    Roos is a community manager and creative at The Best Social Studio and has worked for brands like Albert Heijn, Allerhande, Absolut Vodka, Malibu, Jameson Whiskey, Picnic and more. Her expertise lies in the field of engaging with online communities and creating content with their input. Her ultimate goal is to find the sweet spot between what fans want to hear and what they want to talk about. With her 4,5 years of experience with big online communities she has experienced that community management is a great tool to minimize damage to a brand.
  • Sergio del Puerto

    Creative Director and Founder of Serial Cut

    Sergio del Puerto is the founder of Serial Cut, a creative and art direction studio for advertising & art, making iconic imagery & animation by using real tactile sets, CGI or virtual. Founded in 1999, the studio has a strong style, combining both pop culture and a touch of surrealism, which results in iconic images that always invite to a more thorough second read and where the concepts, with tridimensional shapes and colors, often plays a significant role for a sleek result. The studio counts on art directors, 3D artists and photographers to take part in the creation of highly careful images, no matter digital, tactile or AR or VR.
  • Ward Geene

    Entrepreneur and media producer

    Ward Geene is an entrepreneur and media producer with over 10 years of experience in the gaming and esports industry. He works with brands, organizations and media to be successful in the esports sector. Geene worked with brands like Red Bull, IGN, Vodafone, ESL, and Ahoy Rotterdam to develop and execute strategies and campaigns. He is focussed on helping others to understand esports and its unique culture first before taking the next step.


The Best Social Conference

28 Oct. 2021

This section is constantly being updated to be as complete as possible. Get in touch if you can’t find what you need.

What is The Best Social?

We are an Amsterdam and Berlin-based company that lives and breathes social media, by emphasizing the quality, innovation and entertainment of social content. We curate, create and celebrate the best of social media.

Is the conference fully digital?

Yes. All the talks, networking options, and virtual booths are fully digital.

Who should attend The Best Social Conference?

Social media professionals from publishers, brands and strategists to creators, artists, influencers, social pioneers (and just curious minds).

What will the content be like?

We focus on social media that is socially and culturally relevant: how is social media shaping society and being a force of influence in different cultures? All the content will be divided into our three tracks: innovation, creativity and impact. All talks will be in English, encouraging as many people as possible to join.

How do I join the day of the event?

The Best Social Conference will be held on an online events platform called Hopin from 12 pm to 19 pm (CEST). As part of the registration process, you’ll create an account on Hopin and use that account to log into the event day of.

What will my ticket include?

You will access all our stages, sessions, networking chats and sponsor’s virtual booths during the conference day. Only if you have a Pro ticket, you will receive the conference talks recorded in your inbox after the event.

When is the final time schedule released?

We take pride in providing a varied and inspired line-up. We work hard on tailoring each time slot, making them all must-see! The final time schedule is released a few weeks in advance.